Professional Work With Integrity

Fiedler Heating & Cooling was founded in 2008 by Andrew and Sandy Fiedler.

Based in Libertyville, Iowa, we serve customers in Fairfield, Ottumwa, Mt. Pleasant, Libertyville, and throughout Jefferson County.

We’re fully insured, state-licensed Mechanical Contractors. We serve both commercial and residential customers. With 17 years of experience we’ve seen it all and can solve any HVAC problem.

Professional Work
With Integrity


I’ve been a customer for six and a half years. They’ve replaced both my furnace and the air conditioner. They’re very quick to respond. they’ll let me know that someone will try and get there today, and then usually the technician will call to let me know that they’re on their way

Every Fiedler guy that I’ve had here has been so nice, and so personable. You don’t worry about having them in the house. They were so respectful. They made sure that they put stuff down on the carpet, so they wouldn’t drag dirt in or anything. My dog’s a little bit squirrely and they put up with him.

They don’t just come in, fix whatever, and then leave. They tell you, “Here’s what I found, here’s what’s going on.”

So it’s just great service at a reasonable price.

Fiedler has helped us both at our commercial location – The Cider House with cooling units with glycol chillers, and he has also worked on my home water heater and the cooling unit at my house.

He is very patient and thoughtful. He really takes his time to think through the troubleshooting and he’s very creative and innovative with his solutions. He’s also very organized, like when our equipment has warranties, he’s always on top of that. He listens to our needs.

He always responds to us very quickly. And if anything goes down, I know that he will either come personally or send one of his people to look at the problem and get it fixed ASAP.

He cares. He takes pride in his work. And he’s reliable. I always recommend him because he’s the best.

Fiedler has done commercial work for us – freezers and coolers, stuff like that.

He’s a good guy. He’s down to earth, a strict straight shooter. He’ll tell you what the problem is, and after he does the project, he always calls to make sure it’s OK.

Fast, reliable service. Knowledgeable.

He’s pretty quick to respond. We had a water main break on a Friday night, seven o’clock. He was over at my house by 7:30 helping me out. So, it’s just kind of above and beyond. He’s real. He’s kind of old school, but in a refreshing way, you know? He does what he says he’s gonna do and gets the job done. He’s just reliable and trustworthy.

And I like the fact that he stands behind his work. I mean, nobody’s, nobody’s perfect. And, you know, if there’s ever a mistake, or if something’s not completed, they’ll come back around and fix it. So, you know, reliability, trustworthy, good customer support. That’s why he keeps on getting my business.

Fiedler has worked on furnaces, air conditioners, coolers. He’s done residential and business work for me.

I’ve been pleased with the service and if something happens after the service, they come right back and make it right. That doesn’t happen very often. And they’re relatively quick. Unless, you know, unless it’s a time of the year when he’s just being hammered with air conditioning or heating.

I would highly recommend them because they do good work. They’ll get there quickly. They get it done. And I feel confident because of all the past service I’ve had with them.

I asked him to help me with a big remodeling project. He came out and was more than willing to talk plans. You can’t imagine how many times people have come out to the house to talk, and the work never gets done. Well, he never took umbrage even with changes. He talked, intelligently to me, kindly to me. He saw what it was that he needed to do, and didn’t pressure me. Everything was just smooth.

He did a complete re-ducting and installed a high-efficiency furnace and a high SEER-rated air conditioning system. He did quite a good job. I’m very pleased.

Andrew is a man of integrity, a man of humor, a kind man. An honest man, one that you would like to have as a friend as well as your HVAC guy.

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